On this page, I share with you my resume of expositions and presentations. I only included the list of actions that I deliberately put in place and which I had ‘control’ of the information. In the Media section, you will find articles or publications that have been written about me.

For more information please contact me.


Upcoming – Public space art piece at Juvisy

Upcoming – Août – Septembre gallery expo

Upcoming ‘Dundée Parc’ – Oula-Oup – ‘Quand je serai grand(e), je serais un(e) artiste’ FR

Upcoming ‘Art Troc 2020’ – Mairie de Martignas sur Jalle – ‘Performance covid victimes’ FR

‘Je recherche…’ – Destination Unknown – Book edition 2020, NL

‘ Kaki 2 color’Private client – Painting on order, NL


‘Orange ‘ – Private client – Painting on order

Notebook, 50 limited edition prints ‘ – Share Human Creativity – Covid19 kiss drawing

‘Interview + Instagram @sharehumain creativity‘- Share Human Creativity – ‘Performance art, Nous demandons & Explorer un espace aveugle’

Instagram @sharehumancreativity – Share Human Creativity – ‘Face Mask’

‘Journée de la Femme 2020’ – Association Rosa Parcs à Juvisy – ‘My art and my role as a woman’ FR

Commune Wissous, FR‘ – Public space Intervention – ‘Clean Paris 2020’ FR

Cancelled ‘La Halle Vulaines sur Seine’ – La Halle Vulaines sur Seine – ‘Recyclage, Boîte à chaussures’ FR


‘La Terrasse Paris 11’ – Meet my art France – Solo exposition – ‘Only sheep search for food an water’ FR


‘Art en Balade 2018’ – Art en Balade – ‘L’histoire du coucher des filles’ FR

‘ Angst’ – Action Hybride – ‘Request for Asylum’ FR


‘DU2017’ – Destination Unknown – ‘Maria left this page intentionally blank’ NL

‘Back to Maybe’ – MaFad Graduation Show – ‘The Terrorist’, The intervention, ‘The soldier’, ‘Nous demandons’, ‘We should prepare the ground for this even when we get killed’. NL

‘Paria(H)’ – Les Brasseurs – ‘Terroir Vagues’  collaboration with Gladys Zeevaarders. BE

‘Open Studios’ – Jan van Eyck – ‘Kristina Benjocki – Archive of the mountain – Performance’ NL (Internship)

‘Open studios Art professionals’ – MaFad – ‘Panopticon’ NL

‘Open dag’ – MaFad – ‘Panopticon’ NL


‘Finnisage’ – Studio Expositions – ‘Can you sing the European Anthem?’ NL

‘Open dag’ – MaFad – ‘Building community’  NL

‘Portes Ouverts’ – ENSBA Paris – ‘Polling station’ FR

‘Relational Aesthetics of some perfect strangers’ – ENSBA Paris – ‘Request for Asylum’ FR


‘Open dag’ – Head entrance Herdenkingsplein – ‘Pushing and Pulling’ NL 

‘Project Silence’ – IFMSA Rusland – ‘Shooting Range’ R

‘Project Space’  – Lage Barrakken – ‘Inside the painting’ NL
’Sound Art’ – B32 – ‘Sound escape’ NL

‘Open day’ – MAFAD – ‘ Sculptures #7’ NL

‘Sphinx Project’ – Project monumental abandoned factory – ‘Explore l’espace aveugle’, ‘Everything becomes Orange’, ‘Sphinx’ Collaboration with Flo van der Waa NL


‘Digital performance’ – Facebook – ‘The forgotten space’ 

‘Graduation first transcript’ – Office Sphinx presentation – ‘Explosive Erotic’ NL 

‘Performance day’ – ABKM – ‘Research bubble saliva’ NL

‘Performance Intentions’- Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst – ‘Dancing on Air’ D

‘Aanmelding afdeling’ – ABKM – ‘The Puppet caught in Air’ NL
‘Shop presentation’ – PUUR -‘Abstract Paintings’ NL

‘Open dag’ – ABKM – ‘Cubistic finger’ NL

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