During the corona lockdown, society changed from a loving 2 kisses welcome into a 1,5 meter distance sanitary society. Hiding ourselves from the world by a mask and mostly staying alone at home. Due to these new rules, you can sense people’s anxiety to cross each other on the street. Yet at the same time, many of us become more social on the internet. 

I created this work in order to show that love is still in our hearts, even when safety is our priority. We should not forget that sharing love is a physical act, something so natural and pleasurable. This work is my representation of the new French kissing society.

Wendy Nouse X SHC

Only 50 pieces, Notebook, A5, lined
Notebook Wendy Nouse X SHC

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Wendy Nouse X SHC collaberation

We have chosen to print this drawing on a notebook as red as blood. Because this color represents passion, vitality, energy and power. It strengthens the sensation of romance and love. Something we can all use a bit more of during these complicated times. 

The fine white lines keep us aware of todays situation. They put the sensation of being sterilised and clean into perspective. They also represent innocence, pureness and calmness. This colour makes you feel focussed and peaceful.

I got inspired by our first real visit into the wild world as part of a couple wearing masks. My boyfriend and I seemed to understand our language without saying any words or seeing the half of our faces. Back at home I looked into my personal library and I consulted a book called ‘The Kiss, the most remarkable kisses in time’.

I was looking trough it just to realize that this book has become completely out of date and that a new generation of kisses has been added to the venue. That’s why I felt motivated to draw this remarkable reality.

Much love,

Wendy Nouse

Review of the Notebook
Wendy Nouse X SHC collaberation

At the moment I finished my drawings I received the application form for the notebook project from Share Human Creativity. Within that moment I thought by myself. Why not send it in. It took about 2 days to get the mail in return that they would love to work with me and they my drawing. We took the time to have a couple of meetings to talk about the project itself and define the different options within the product and marketing strategy. I feel very honoured to have received this opportunity to work with the team and I hope our collaboration will continue in the future. It has been my goals to make art that is loved, sold and represented in daily life of real people, so my work becomes a part of society and I believe that the Notebook project creates this opportunity. I truly hope my drawing will be an opening for many beautiful conversations that will bring people closer. 

Wendy Nouse
Dutch Artist living in France

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