Face mask portrait photography a series of works I created in [2017] during the preparations of my graduation show. In todays situation with the coronavirus Covid19 [2020] crises I feel like this work touches again the actualities.

In 2017 I created the installation We should prepare the ground for this even if we die This work comes from artistic research about terrorism. I had been researching what it means to be a terrorist. How to become one and the results of terrorist movements.

FACE MASK PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY is based on an artistic research about terrorism.

I thought it would be really great to create my own army, like a revolutionary art army. In Italy I found this mask and immediately I fell in love with it. Because most terrorist groups have a lot of youngsters and students who form the core of the movement. Therefore I asked teenagers to wear the mask and let me take a profile picture of their face.

Inspired by the German Red Army Faction and the woman’s march dominated the news during the time of creation. Reflecting by this on the French revolution and ISIS. A terrorist group who have been terrorising Europe and other parts of the world at that moment.

I used some of these works in my research work. But in the end I didn’t exhibit the series in its totality. During the lockdown I revisited my old works in order to update my artistic portfolio. Because of todays situation I decided to re-market them. Due to the 1,5 meter society as wearing a mask in daily life became a new fashion trend.

Since this week these photo’s are up for sale! You can find the prints in the Etsy or in my Shop.
Please let me know in the comments if you have questions about this work and what your opinions are?


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