Nursery printable bee quotes illustrations. Today is the first day of semi liberty. We finally can leave our houses again. To find ourselves on the rainiest day since the lockdown has started.

During the lockdown, I have been dedicating myself to many things. As you have seen on Social Media. In fact, so many things I don’t have enough time in a week to digest all the work I made. I will talk about this in another post, but for the moment lets go to one of the new series of drawings I created.

Recently I received the question if I would like to illustrate children books. This question seemed to be a dream come true. When I was a kid and being badly dyslexic. So, I made up books of my own or created new stories for the existing books. To make it seem I was reading to my sister, brother and cousins. Until they could read and realised that I didn’t read one word on the page.

I used to write and draw short stories, for my friends and make drawings for decoration. So thanks to this question, I started an ETSY shop. I felt so bad making so many beautiful drawings. I truly want my art to bring joy to other people their lives, not just for the pleasure of my own.

Nursery printable bee quotes illustrations are a very simple graphical illustration of a bumblebee

Nursery printable bee quotes illustrations are a very simple graphical illustration of a bumblebee in different situations. I truly love these series because they are so cute. But also minimalistic, a bit funny and easy to understand.

In the beginning, I just made the drawing of that one bumblebee. Then I did some research online. What type of posters works well commercially and the best decoration for them. Because I am not a mom. I find it sometimes a bit hard to know what moms and kids would like.

I think these prints will be perfect for baby boy and baby girl nursery. Because they talk about the qualities you need to have in life, to bee happy, to bee kind, to bee sweet, to bee queen, to bee smart, to bee together, to be yourself and the boo bee. They highlight an appreciation for nature, especially the bees. Whom became an endangered species and without them, we wouldn’t bee.

So, what do you think of Nursery printable bee quotes illustrations? I would love to hear about your thoughts!

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