Self Portraits – Printable Illustrations belongs to a series of works that I created and are for sale €10,-. I made these drawings digitally and I specifically used only two color themes to make this series of drawings. I started these series with this picture because I wanted to create a mood that for me belonged to the image.

Therefore I choose the color pink. For me the pink is the personal influence, it is simply the color of love, strength and moving towards action. On the other side, the grey tones represent the blur of information (color) representing itself as an empty space. In reaction to this, I used self-portraits to remain close to myself. To search the inspiration and the visualization within me, rather than outside of myself. This picture comes from my own library of work, they belong to my modelling period.

This series of works are very personal for me is very personal to my own perception of me and my consciousness of my body. At the same time, it helps me to take a distance and distract my personal vision.

Thoughts – Self Portraits – Illustrations

Warrior – Self Portraits – Illustrations

Love – Self Portraits – Illustrations

Love – Self Portraits – Printable Illustrations

I decided to sell them as printables for the simple reason of distribution and costs. Therefore they are created on A5 size which makes them easy to sell for a small budget, to print them easily from the comfort of your house. It is a size that you can print easily on A4 page having whitespace around the image or simply print 2 times on the same paper. If you would like to put them in a frame. 12,5×16,67cm – A5.

Printing instructions for Thoughts – Self Portraits – Illustrations:

Make sure you have full cartridges, sufficient to print an image of this size. You can print it on various paper types, make sure the paper itself is not to this. Preferrable, not less than 90g/m. After downloading the file you can make various tries, as soon as the paper is to light you have a transparent effect if you would like to put it in a frame. Depending on your printer and your preference you can highlight or darken the pink and grey effect. 12,5×16,67cm – A5.

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