After the attack in Brussels in 2016 I created this work to set my mind.

Installation from Plastic, wood, foam, fabric, lacquer.
Made in 2016 Installation at l’école national des beaux-arts.

I really felt touched by this event since my family, friends, colleagues and many of the locals use this airport as a base for their travels. In total it took 7 days before I knew for sure that everyone was okay. Two youngsters died that day that I knew, from clubbing.

For me the sculpture symbolises the fragile state we are all in. We can feel so save but a blister of air can change everything.

The stripes on the wall started simply on the plastic peace and I soon realised it wasn’t enough space to calm my mind. So I continued on the wall.

The fabric painting is the visualisation of my mind, that was all over the place, hard to concentrate, to feel my emotions and think.

The knotted plastic on the ground symbolises my insides, the pain and frustration I felt, blocking my energy flow.

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