Nous Demandons European Parliament – Performance started on a train. Being stuck in Brussels on the platform. So I decided to listen to the conversations around me and noting them down. On the end of my page I reread the words I was reading, not being able to speak nor read in French I asked my boyfriend to correct me and explain to me what those words meant.

In conclusion, I found it like a poem talking about political subjects. Therefore I decided that these words were important for the European Union, to share with them what the people were talking about that day on that train. Moreover, I tried to learn to speak these words in French, I repeated them as a song.

Nous Demandons European Parliament - Performance

Nous Demandons European Parliament – Performance Translated

What are you doing?
You didn’t tell me what you are asking.
What your doing doesn’t make me happy

Where is the money?

Your motivations are vague.
The obligation of justification.

I haven’t seen it.
I haven’t seen it.

We are not important.
We are transparent.
We forgot our language.

You want us to become ghosts.
Capitale (as in a state, as well as in money) of a world unhappy.
Only economics is important.
What will the future of our kids be?

We are asking.

Nous Demandons European Parliament – Performance was born. As a result I decided to sing these words in front of the parliament.. At first it was not that successful, windy, cold and rainy. Besides the army that was watching me with a gun pointed at me. I don’t think many people have seen me.

Nous Demandons European Parliament - Performance

Also, the performance was not complete, I wanted to get the message stronger and clearer. After that, I have read Nietsche and I decided to create a mass of people saying these words with me. Above all, they needed to know that I was not the fool who imagined these conversations. I needed real people to tell them.

Nous demandons from Wendy Nouse on Vimeo.

As a result, I created a sound installation of people whispering these words around me combined with a video of me singing.

Performance and sound installation. Video 20:00 minutes, filmed by Seline Lenoire. Watch it.  Exhibited ‘Back to Maybe’ MaFad Graduation show 2017. The film below is a snippit.

Nous Demandons European Parliament - Performance

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