Wendy – Maria No title is a performance held in at the champs Elysées in Paris, 2017. Both being foreigners left us with a daily dose of miscommunication, and even though this work might not be the best work made in the world, it has some good funny memories and experiences to it. Neither is it a bad work, but something is off.

We both love languages, and we started collecting sentences that marked our experiences with language communication. These were collected, and in the end, we noted these on toilet paper and read these line for line. I am sharing this with you because I want to explain to you why it was not a good work even when all the boxed where checked.

So let’s start, the idea was beautiful, and we have created notes that made a beautiful minimalist statement, slick and meat. I really need to search if I can find them anywhere on my hard-drive. We needed a location to create the performance, and we found this public toilet was two pots placed in the same cabin. Then we went completely wrong and left the art stage to go for a just let us have a fun mood.

Instead of making a statement, we decided to pass on the toilet paper, with the notes are written on it. This doesn’t make any sense at all. Even if you would like to make the statement we are treated like shit; the image didn’t communicate this at all.

We only had one shot, and we didn’t practise, I already created a lot of performances, but for Maria, this was completely new. We did a fist walking trough, but profound security is missing in the actions. Performance only works when movements are made bigger and more conscious.
We also had to much fun, which resulted in us laughing almost constantly, being clumsy and it’s just not what it is supposed to be.

Then we wore pyjama’s; I really have no idea why we decided this was a great idea. But we did, and we didn’t even make it seem like we are really sitting on the toilet, nor can you see this very clearly in the camera. So this completely makes no sense in visual communication.

What I would like to show to you as an artist is that sometimes you can think so much about all the details, you can have reasons why you do this and that, this all makes a great sense of logic until you try and you realise it just misses something because it is off. I really loved working with Maria and I am amazingly happy that Shayla filmed our work and made this awesome edit out of it.

WENDY-MARIA from Wendy Nouse on Vimeo.

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