On the day of the Brexit in Londen, I asked the Uk inhabitants to sing the European anthem for me. This resulted in the Anthem that was the closest to their nationality of origin.

Documented in film, I choose to use movie stills in collaboration with the first couplet of the anthem that was performed.

Printed on Paper.
Made in 2016.
Exhibited Finnisage – Studio expositions 2016

I have created these works because the whole idea of European Union seems to be rather vague for most inhabitants. We don’t consider ourselves European, but more likely French, Dutch, German, Etc. I wanted to show by these performances that singing the anthem and knowing it by heart gives a sense of nationality and the nation you are living and staying. The one where you are participating in society, creates a sense of connection to sing it.

Even though most inhabitants of the European Union haven’t heard and don’t know the anthem.
It took me a lot of effort to actually find out that it is one of Beethoven’s symphonies and that you actually can’t sing it. Which is the most essential part of the anthem?

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