Tentenkamp – Painting Installation is an installation that I have created in Project space Lage Barakken in 2015. This work has been based on my Artistic research about the tent based refugee camps in the Netherlands.

Refugee camps are a rare concept in Dutch history. This camp was based on the shooting range practice site of the arm. A piece of information I found rather bizarre.

The reason why I went to research this area was because of the news fake news we as Dutch citizens received, from the right government. In most of these newspapers, they talked about the horrible attitudes of the refugees. Something that didn’t make sense. These people walked from Syria to the Netherlands, and the paper would state they are not happy with their beds and hot meals.

In my vision, this seemed rather bizarre, and I decided to see it for myself. I found a rather shocking situation and I didn’t expect that the Netherlands would be as bad for their people. Even despite some of the horrible situations, they have encountered the people were happy and content. But I can understand that they would complain about having no toilets. Being locked for hours and hours in a 3m3 with four people. Being in the freezing cold and have no heating. Even then I didn’t hear them complain.

Tentenkamp – Painting Installation
= The Dutch word for a tent based camp

Tentenkamp the Dutch word for a tent based camp. These are only created in special circumstances. On these horrible conditions, I would found impossible to see myself living in. For two weeks straight I worked for 8 hours a day in this space. Building my Tentenkamp – Painting Installation.

I used the movement studies, whom I created during my visits at the camp. Before painting, I read the news. In order to have the right energy. In order to visualise these thoughts with paint, spray, plastic, paper and robes to create my own save space.

What does installation mean : check it out here https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Installation_art

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