22’03’2016 – Brussels Attack – Installation is an abstract installation of the terrorist attack in Brussels at the Brussels airport in 2016. I created this work to set my mind and visualise my thoughts in sculptures and paintings.

  • 22'03'2016 - Brussels Attack - Installation
  • 22'03'2016 - Brussels Attack - Installation
  • 22'03'2016 - Brussels Attack - Installation
  • 22'03'2016 - Brussels Attack - Installation

Because the terrorist attack provoked chaos in the minds of the Dutch and Belgium people. Since the city is relatively close to my hometown. That meant that the local population got scared and already was effected.

The wall painting you can see the visualisation of the moments of desperation, not knowing if the people I love and care for where safe. Moreover, it became a meditation, slowly making the stripes one by one on this wall.

The painting holds a cloud of fabric. For me, it captures the moments of feeling lost. Likewise not being able to realise that moment of reality. Desperately falling on the ground creating a connection between the different works.

The knotted plastic visualises the threat of not feeling save and worries about the ones I love and care for. Subsequently knowing that we all could be next. We could all have been at that airport at that moment. And some cheated death, some didn’t.

The sculpture existing from two pillars and a piece of foam. They balance the painted foam in the middle. Moreover, that piece was in constant movement and fell regularly. The act reconstructing it multiple times a day. In conclusion, it was the visualisation of my mind.

22’03’2016 – Brussels Attack – Installation the attack itself influenced my daily life

22’03’2016 – Brussels Attack – Installation that I created is because this attack touched me personally a lot. For me moving to France after the terrorist attack at Bataclan, Paris in 2015 didn’t feel dangerous. Firstly, I looked after myself. Secondly, the soldiers were everywhere in the street and if I didn’t feel save I left.

In my country, these measurements were not taken, which made me scared. Created a lot of stress in my mind. Feeling stressed because the danger became so close. At the same time knowing there is nothing I could do.

Installation from Plastic, wood, foam, fabric, lacquer. Made and exhibited in 2016 Installation at L’Ecole National des Beaux-Arts, Paris.

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