Knee Drawings Performance is one of the works I have created during the second year of my school. I was born hyper-flexible and this means that my body can move into positions relatively easier then other people will. This is nothing special and loads of people live with these conditions. This work was presented at Caracola, Maastricht, 2015.

It was one of those times it went wrong and my body flexed into a position that wasn’t that good. During my exams I decided to work with this aspect and used the movement of my body to make this performance work. I created in total 400 drawings and only 200 of them you see them created here.

The rule is clear and simple, I have 2 pencils each in one hand. When using the balance of my knee to make the drawing on paper. Until my pencil leaves the paper I will draw, if it is finished I will take a new page.

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