Bubblegum Explosion series. This series of works created in 2014. Started within the desire to use the commercial product and change the image into a sexual object. It is one of my early works that still influence a lot my practice today.

I chose the bubblegum material for its uselessness. A movement of the mouth with a material that is actually too big to chew. The pleasure of a couple of minutes until the moment you can’t bite on it anymore. The size that makes you sick and the obsessiveness to blow as many bells as you can, exploding on every side of the face.

The sensation of the lips is something that is very sensitive in the advertisement, a cliché that makes everything sexier. Therefore photography series is completed with a performance and a video installation. The photography series is for sale in the store. I also made a performance, and paintings, as well as a sculpture.

Bubblegum Explosion Series, I created photography, paintings, sculptures, video’s and performances.

The Bubblegum Explosion Photography works are showing only the closeup of the mouth and capturing the different moments of the bubblegum.

  • Bubblegum Explosion Photography
  • Bubblegum Explosion Photography
  • Bubblegum Explosion Photography

During Bubblegum Explosion video installation who was projected on 2 walls of a 4 walled room, completely in the dark. You hear and see the bells explode next to you. During the video one by one blowing up the bells and disappearing as they go. In conclusion, the video focusses more on the time and movement aspect of the product.

bubblgum from Wendy Nouse on Vimeo.

Bubblegum Explosion video

Bubblegum Explosion performance. During the performance, I offer the visitor a piece of bubble gum. I instruct them with the message to keep the wrapping and at the moment of satisfaction to give me back the gum. Displaying the sculptures by the mass that have been created by the mouth.

Bubblegum Explosion performance

Bubblegum Explosion Sculpture: I created a sculpture that combines the tastes of the different bubblegums. Therefore showing the flavours in their true form covered in pink sweetness. The owner of this piece is Dirk Bal.

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