Sound Escape – B32 Maastricht – Sound Art is a sound art piece that I have created in 2015. This work was a part of a collaboration exhibition, created in the B32 contemporary art space in Maastricht.

The exhibition was created to promote sound art pieces. During the workshop. I have noticed that all the sound that was reflecting in the room. All I wanted was to create a silenced space. A safe haven or cocoon that would calm all the exterior sounds.

A safe haven or cocoon that would calm all the exterior sounds.

Just before the workshop/exhibition in B32, I found this beautiful plastic piece. So I made my decision to work with it. As a result, I covered it with soundproof foam. In conclusion, I attached the piece to the ceiling with black ropes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 14.23.26

Certainly, as you can see in the picture the cocoon would be able to enter from the bottom and you enter a silenced piece, that transforms long and short distance sound interpretation. Being completely in the black only being able to look at your feet and the rooftop window. From the outside, the spectator is the reflection of the surrounding. Completing the body of the spectator from the outside.

In conclusion, the sound effect in the cocoon is extraordinary. You could only hear the conversations loud and clear, who were active on the other side of the room. Meanwhile, the person next to you would sound very far away. Creating a strange perception of the space, while being completely silenced only effectively hearing your heartbeat.

Sound Escape – B32 Maastricht – Sound Art – Documentation Video

A documentation video of a group exposition in the art space B32. I created a short distance soundproof object. Only the sounds very far away are heard. Plastic, Robe, Soundfoam. Documentation from 2:02 minutes in the video. Made in 2015.

Workshop soundart at B32, 2015 from abkm finearts on Vimeo.

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